Life is definitely good with LG and its wide range of products. From the kitchen to laundry room and every little space in between is covered by LG. Now it’s the best time to create a lavish, stylish and energy efficient home with LG Washing Machines. LG appliances can help a user to create an efficient and beautiful home. Moreover, LG appliances helps a user to create healthier, comfortable homes with new range of washing machines and air conditioners. See how the LG brand and its products are making your life good.

Founded in the year 1958, LG Electronics Inc. is a Korean multinational national electronics company. It is a part of LG Corporation which has 110+ local subsidiaries worldwide. LG is a popular electronics brand in India. The company deals into a wide of consumer products such as televisions, mobile devices, tablet computers, smart watches, home appliances, and washing machine.

LG Logo

LG designs finest washing machines at affordable prices. These washing machines are user friendly and it has smart features that a user finds simple to use. Now you can clean your clothes with 6 Motion systems that wash clothes effectively. True Balance is a super functionality that ensures peaceful and serene environment. Lets discover various range of LG washing machines.

Why should you buy LG Washing Machine?

LG has been one of the most prominent electronic brands of our country. LG Washing Machines are used very much because they are durable and gives a flexible wash. The LG Washing Machines take care of your clothes with its finest steam technology. Steam Technology in the washing machine helps to keep your clothes 99.9% allergen free. Moreover, LG Washing Machines help to wash clothes clean. It provides a high-performance dryers that helps to clean the clothes effectively. LG Washing Machines have a larger capacity and it is available in various colour, sizes and shapes.

  1. LG washing machines have inverter direct drive technology. The motor is attached to the steel drum without use of belt or pulley.
  2. LG Washing machines have lesser mechanical parts over others. This ensures less usage of energy and less noise.
  3. Washing machines are more durable and energy saving
  4. These machines are pocket friendly and one can get much functionality in the machine.
  5. LG Washing Machines have truestream feature that ensures elimination of allergens and other bacteria by 99.9%

So if you are looking for the most effective washing machine of the year, then LG is perhaps the best option. It has long durability, affordability and long warranty over other brands.

Benefits & Advantages of Buying LG Washing Machine

LG Washing Machines are available in wide range and also at pocket friendly costs. However, there are unique features and benefits which a user can enjoy with LG Washing Machines effectively over others and they are:

  1. Two Washers in One: This user focused creative feature of twinwash in the LG Washing machine enables a user to wash clothes effectively and one can also enjoy the laundry.
  2. Spotless Clean: With LG Washing Machine, a user can wash clothes efficiently. It enables spotless cleansing with smart and modern inverter technology which further saves up to 36% energy.
  3. Hands Free Wash: LG Washing Machines have in-built Jet Spray+. This enables a powerful and effective wash as it has water spray that washes dirt and extra detergent that further gives you the best possible wash without using your hands.
  4. Amazing Wash Performance: LG Washing Machines help a user to wash clothes with extra care and exclusive features.
  5. Two Loads Wash: LG Washing Machines help a user to wash two loads of clothes at the same time. Its mentioned as “Tough or Tender”

LG Washing Machine Service Centre and Number:

As we all know that LG is a prominent electronic brand worldwide. It has made a remarkable name in the field of electronics, retail and appliances. Being a global brand of electronic gadgets, LG has a unique chain of washing service centre. In India, LG Washing Machine service centres are available in many cities such as Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Madurai, Hyderabad, Ahmednagar and many more. Moreover, these are also available in several foreign nations such as Dubai, Philippines, London and many more.

LG Washing Machine Service Centre offers 24*7 support except national holidays. One can reach the same to 1800-315-9999 or 1800-180-999 respectively.